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Formal Analysis Essay for Art History Class Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Formal Analysis for Art History Class - Essay Example (55.4 x 37.78 cm) (Plate) 25 3/4 x 18 5/8 inches. (65.41 x 47.31 cm) (sheet, unpredictable) (Artnet Worldwide Corporation, 2013). Subsequently, the work of art is clear and noticeable to the unaided eye where the crowd makes the most of its aesthetic flawlessness. Most outstanding is the shading etching, delicate ground carving, and scorper that characterize the surface, limit, and hue of the artwork. Andre Racz who was a craftsman and educator of painting and model made the artistic creation in North America, United States in 1945 (Artnet Worldwide Corporation, 2013) (twentieth Century) with a selection of the North America culture in spite of the fact that he was conceived in Romania. Eminently, there is a pencil engraving delineating the sign and date of marking on the work of art, Perseus Beheading Medusa (ARCADJA, 2013). The canvas got credit from the Credit?Gift of assets from the Print and Drawing Council with a promotion Number?P.99.12.1. The composition, Perseus Beheading Me dusa portrays the picture of Perseus cutting the head off the Medusa. Medusa additionally alludes to the gatekeeper protectress (Wallace, 2003). All the more along these lines, the media terms Medusa as a Gorgon or a beast who was on the other hand an extremely lovely lady (Wallace, 2003). In any case, Medusa tainted the goddess Athena's sanctuary by resting there with Poseidon inciting Poseidon to transform her into a beast with live snakes covering her head (Wallace, 2003). Accordingly, the media alludes to the Medusa as a beast with a face of a frightful human female with living venomous snakes on her head. In spite of the fact that, Medusa had three excellent sisters, Medusa was the main good one and her excellence hypnotized Poseidon. Despite what might be expected, Medusa couldn't have cared less about Poseidon and subsequently he transformed her and her sisters into beasts (Wallace, 2003). As a result of the part of being a beast, any individual taking a gander at the Medusa would quickly transform into stone (Wallace, 2003). In a similar realm, Perseus was the child of Danae who later experienced passionate feelings for Polydectes (Wallace, 2003). Subject to the relationship between Perseus mother and Polydectes, Polydectes brought forth a plot to execute Perseus by sending him to bring the head of Medusa the beast (Wallace, 2003). Be that as it may, the divine beings adored Perseus and helped him to prevail with regards to cutting Medusa’s head. In fact, they gave Perseus winged shoes, a bended blade, a protective cap that made Perseus undetectable, and a mirror like shield which permitted him to see an impression of Medusa’s face and to abstain from being transformed into stone (Wallace, 2003). With these materials, Perseus had the option to cut the head of Medusa and thus the canvas as per the media. What's more, the media attests that later on, the saint Perseus utilized the head of Medusa as a weapon before giving over the head to th e goddess of Athena (Wallace, 2003). The artistic creation, Perseus Beheading Medusa is a bronze model and has been one of the most renowned sculptures in current workmanship. At the hour of delivering this artwork, Hayter and different specialists were working at Atelier 17 where they were effectively testing in shading printing procedures. The work of art has a dull look and delineates the crude picture of an individual holding a head. The individual is additionally holding a blade on the correct hand. The composition has craftsman's evidence, marked, dated, named, and recorded An/An in pencil at the lower edge (ARCADJA, 2013). It has a generally excellent, dim impression, a warm plate tone, and inky edges (ARCADJA, 2013). The dark lines

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Nursing Care Delivery Model

Nursing Care Delivery Patient Centered Care and Team Nursing Brittany Saum Pima Medical Institute Jim Follbaum, RN, MSN/Edu seventeenth of May 2012 Care Delivery Nursing is continuous and long lasting, for the attendant and the patient. It isn't restricted to the time spent in the emergency clinic, yet follows the medical caretaker and patient forever. The medical attendant props the patient up and becomes more acquainted with the patient and the medical attendant conveys the consideration to the patient. The significance of the manner in which the medical attendant conveys this consideration to the patient can have a significant effect to the patients remain at the emergency clinic and whether any training will be full of feeling or just overlooked.This paper is a correlation between two ordinarily utilized best methods of care conveyance: Patient-Centered Care and Team Nursing. Persistent Centered Care Patient focused consideration is essentially similarly as it sounds, care that p uts the patient first. In much more straightforward terms, tolerant focused consideration is a model wherein medical clinic suppliers band together with patients and their families to distinguish and fulfill the full scope of patient needs and inclinations, while all the while supporting the expert and individual goals of their staff (Frampton S. Guastello, Brady, Hale, Smith, and Stone, 2011). Quiet focused consideration is the correct consideration, the greatest consideration and the most financially savvy care for that one patient (Peraino, Robert A. MD, FACP, 2008). Points of interest of Patient Centered Care There are numerous favorable circumstances to understanding focused consideration. The fundamental advantage is congruity of care. Tolerant focused consideration likewise expands nursing self-rule. Thus, it helps with connections between the patient and medical attendant just as the other medicinal services suppliers engaged with the patients care.Patients and families can build up a confiding in relationship with the medical attendant who thus makes it simpler for the patient to recoup and be more joyful during their stay in the emergency clinic. Persistent focused consideration is by all accounts increasingly viable when showing the patient also. It permits the patient and family to be associated with their social insurance. This makes them all the more willing and agreeable to proceed on their regimens and show signs of improvement sooner. Detriments of Patient Centered Care One impediment of patient focused consideration is cost.The RNs invest energy to do what an unassisted authorized faculty worker can do along these lines expanding the expenses. One other weakness is that medical caretaker to persistent proportions must be low so as to guarantee there is sufficient opportunity to meet the patient’s needs. This likewise influences the expenses on the emergency clinic. They require more RNs every day in this manner expanding patientâ€℠¢s costs just as the clinics. Group Nursing Team nursing care turned out to be increasingly well known during the 1950’s. This was an approach to facilitate the deficiency of attendants and to address issues with nursing as it seemed to be. Group nursing doles out staff into various teams.A group inside this model for the most part comprises of a RN (enrolled nurture), a LPN (authorized pragmatic medical caretaker), and a UAP (unlicensed assistive work force), (Zewekh and Claborn, 2009). The group head directs and arranges all the consideration gave by those in the group. The group head is responsible for making assignments for group dependent on client’s necessities and keenness, taking in thought the doled out medical caretakers qualities and shortcomings. Since the group chief is answerable for designating explicit obligations to staff, correspondence among colleagues is a pivotal piece of this sort of nursing.The assignments are disscussed at start of move and a ga thering at end of move is held to summerized care given during the move and questions and remarks about the move can be made now. Points of interest of Team Nursing â€Å"Team nursing developed as an approach to address the issues with an utilitarian approach,† (Zerwekh and Claborn, 2009). Group nursing is centered around making assignments dependent on client’s needs and the member’s. The group head plans assignments dependent on keenness of customers needs by exploiting medical caretakers strengths.This takes into consideration the customer to have better consideration. One other preferred position ot this kind of nursing is that the customer remaining task at hand is shared among the colleagues. This makes the work simpler on the entirety of the staff. The outstanding task at hand is shared permitting everybody to work more efficiently. It diminishes space for mistake. Impediments of Team Nursing The primary drawback or group nursing is that the pioneer is un timately answerable for everybody in the group. They should constantly assess and speak with all individuals from the group to guarantee that everything is running smoothly.Some colleagues may not like this reasoning they are being â€Å"babysat† and non responsible. One of the premise of group nursing is to have bunch gatherings and conversations toward the start of move and end of move. This can be very tedious which can cause issues because of money related limitations being used of additional time. All in all, all nursing model sorts work for various circumstances. They simply should be custom fitted to every individual circumstance. Quiet Centered Nursing and Team Nursing both have everyone’s wellbeing at the top of the priority list, the patient and the nurse.If it works for the circumstance at that point utilize the model considered important to satisfy everybody. There are points of interest and burdens to both, and both are required in each human services sett ing. The choice of which model the office will utilize may shift, yet the objective will consistently be the equivalent, amazing nursing care. Related article: â€Å"Ati RN Community Health Online Practice 2016 B†ReferencesFrampton, S. B. , and Guastello, S. (2010). Putting Patients First: Patient-Centered Care: More than the Sum of its Parts. American Journal of Nursing , 49-53. Frampton, S. , Guastello, S. , Brady, C. , Hale, M. Smith, S. B. , and Stone, S. (2011). Understanding Centered Care Improvement Guide. Recovered May 15, 2012, from Patient-Centered Care. Organization: http://www. understanding centeredcare. organization/inside/abouttheguide. html Gannett Healthcare Group. (2012, May). Gathering: Team-based consideration works best against hypertension. Recovered May 15, 2012, from Nurse. com: http://news. nurture. com/article/20120515/NATIONAL02/105280003 Nursing Theories. (2012, January). Models of Nursing Care Delivery. Recovered May 15, 2012, from Current Nursing: http://currentnursing. om/nursing_theory/models_of_nursing_care_delivery. html Peraino, Robert A. MD, FACP (2008). Understanding Centered Care . Recovered May 16, 2012, from Patient Centered Care. net: http://patientcenteredcare. net/Weinstock, M. (2010, March). Group †Based Care. Recovered May 16, 2012, from Hospitals and Health Networks: http://www. hhnmag. com/hhnmag_app/jsp/articledisplay. jsp? dcrpath=HHNMAG/Article/information/03MAR2010/1003HHN_FEA_gatefold&domain=HHNMAG Zwewekh and Claborn (2009). Nursing Today, Transitions and Trends sixth release. St. Louis, MO. Saunders Elsevier.

Achievements of the Ancient Greeks essays

Accomplishments of the Ancient Greeks articles Before there was Rome, Greece was the focal point of the Mediterranean. The Ancient Greeks had numerous accomplishments that have impacted the manner in which we live today. The Greeks engineering, lighting, cultivating, occupations, sports, and music were their achievements. The Ancient Greeks ordinarily fabricated their homes with generally economical materials, for example, stone, wood, or dirt blocks. They painted the outside of their homes white to redirect the warmth of the sun. Regardless of the first class engineering measures exhibited by the Greeks, the materials they used to assemble the houses left imperfections in their plan. The dividers of houses worked with sun-dried blocks tended to wash away, gradually, in the downpour which would in the long run lead to the total breakdown of the house, covering everything inside its dividers. At the point when this occurred, the ground would be leveled off and another house would be based on a similar parcel. After some time, hills would develop where a few houses had been leveled. Because of this strategy for building, a significant part of the data with respect to the Ancient Greeks day to day environments and expectations for everyday comforts have been found by archeologists. The rich lived in what we would depict as a huge town house, comprising of twelve or so rooms, and strategically placed near all town offices. The normal house remained next to a restricted, screwy road. The front of the house ordinarily had a front entryway and a couple of little windows situated high in the divider. Rooms were worked around a little outdoors yard where families would invest quite a bit of their energy unwinding and engaging. The goods inside these homes were moderately straightforward and can be recognized by the representations on containers and stone reliefs. They included things, for example, seats, stools, sofas, tables and different chests, boxes and bins. A significant number of these things were made of wood or other natural materials.(Pearson 28) The principle wellspring of lighting were candles, resinous lights, and oil lights. A... <!

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Archetype and Nationalism in Tolkien’s Silmarillion Free Essays

Dynamic This proposal exhibits the relationship of imagination fiction, prime examples, and patriotism in one of imagination fiction, in particular Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. Dream fiction, with the generalization of idealism, is less valued. This postulation is written in endeavor to give more thankfulness to dream fiction. We will compose a custom exposition test on Prime example and Nationalism in Tolkien’s Silmarillion or then again any comparative subject just for you Request Now Examination to show the relationship of imagination fiction, prime example, and patriotism is completed by applying model methodology and Frye’s idea of mythos. This examination is planned for deciding the situation of the story in Frye’s mythos scientific categorization and its qualities. The qualities, at that point, are contrasted and values found in English nationalistic talk. The consequence of this investigation demonstrates that the tale of The Silmarillion can be named terrible mythos. Be that as it may, disaster in the Silmarillion is expounded uniquely in contrast to the qualities of the mythos proposed by Frye. Catastrophe of The Silmarillion is aggregate in its inclination. The uniqueness of catastrophe in The Silmarillion is perused as portrayal of cooperation soul esteem in English nationalistic talk. The Silmarillion additionally shows shrewdness and verifiable congruity esteems corresponding with values discovered English nationalistic talk. From these qualities The Silmarillion shows that peaceful existence with its collectivity, astuteness and serenity as a perfect life for English individuals. Watchwords: dream, paradigms, patriotism, Tolkien v ABSTRAK Tesis ini menunjukkan keterkaitan fiksi fantasi, arketipe, dan nasionalisme yang muncul di dalam salah satu karya sastra fantasi, yaitu The Silmarillion karya J. R. R . Tolkien. Fiksi fantasi, dengan stereotip sebagai fiksi yang dianggap hanya memberikan tempat untuk melarikan diri dari kenyataan dan fiksi yang lepas dari nilai-nilai realitas, kurang mendapat apresiasi yang cukup. Untuk memberikan apresiasi terhadap fiksi fantasilah tesis ini ditulis. Analisis untuk menunjukkan keterkaitan fiksi fantasi, arketipe dan nilainilai nasionalisme pertama-tama dilakukan dengan melakukan analisis plot cerita dengan menggunakan pendekatan arketipe dan teori mythos Northrop Frye. Analisis plot ini dilakukan untuk menentukan posisi cerita di dalam taksonomi mythos Frye dan nilai-nilai yang dikandungnya. Nilai-nilai ini kemudian akan dibandingkan dengan nilai-nilai yang ada dalam wacana nasionalisme Inggris (England). Dari analisis yang dilakukan terlihat bahwa cerita The Silmarillion tergolong dalam mythos tragedi. Namun, sifat tragedi dalam The Silmarillion berbeda dari ciri mythos tragedi Frye yang terkonsentrasi pada satu individu. Tragedi dalam The Silmarillion bersifat kolektif. Keunikan tragedi di dalam The Silmarillion ini dianggap mewakili nilai kebersamaan yang juga merupakan salah satu nilai keinggrisan dalam wacana nasionalisme Inggris. The Silmarillion juga menunjukkan nilai-nilai kebijaksanaan dan keberlanjutan sejarah yang di dalam wacana nasionalisme Inggris dianggap merupakan nilai-nilai yang khas Inggris. Dari nilai-nilai dalam The Silmarillion yang paralel dengan nilai-nilai dalam wacana nasionalisme Inggris tergambar bahwa kehidupan perfect Inggris adalah kehidupan pedesaan yang penuh kebersamaan, kebijaksanaan, ketenangan dan memiliki keberlanjutan sejarah. Individualized structure kunci: fantasi, arketipe, nasionalisme, Tolkien vi The most effective method to refer to Archetype and Nationalism in Tolkien’s Silmarillion, Papers

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Wrapping Up First Semester

Wrapping Up First Semester With my classes ending on Wednesday and finals starting the following Monday, my first semester here is abruptly coming to an end. I have preregistered for IAP and Spring Term classes, started discussing new research plans for the future, and also will be hitting the 50% point in my book challenge! On the most exciting note to me, I have spent the past three months immersing myself in as many books as I can cram in the windows of free time that I have. Here’s a picture of my bookshelf that has grown from just one to now having two full shelves! So, initially, when my semester was kind of in a lull period in terms of work, I vowed to finish a book every other day. Well, that was the initial plan. Although I succeeded in this by reading The Alchemist and The Road, I quickly found myself falling behind this goal, so I changed it to finish fifteen books by the end of the semester and fifteen more the following semester! A lot more doable indeed. I currently am finishing up the book on the shelf called Significant Figures that talks about the histories of some of the great mathematicians. I always found it pretty neat to learn about the individuals and history behind some of the most groundbreaking mathematical and physics discoveries, and I tend to get a tad sidetracked in the popular science section in Barnes and Noble. I knew I was getting a book addiction when the guy at the counter stared at me with my armful of books and said, “Oh, you again.” Also, I am rereading The Little Book of String Theory that I read back in high school. With the concepts behind the theory discussed, and the math and technicalities left behind, the book is pretty easy to read and get an idea about some of my long-term goals within physics! Speaking of that book, the writer of it just gave a talk at MIT last week that my friend and I attended, where we both sat looking at each other like, “yup he isn’t even speaking English.” It was a technical talk, and we knew that we wouldn’t have barely the slightest clue what was going on, but we went anyway. At one point, he said, “Raise p to the negative box power” and I have never felt so disturbed by math before. How does one box power. I don’t know, but I hope one day I will. It will be sure to be on the bucket list. Anyways, It was just super cool to actually see the guy there in person speaking not to mention the slew of physics professors in the crowd. It was basically like seeing a celebr ity! Other than the more science and mathy books, I am also started Guns, Germs, and Steel that my foreign policy professor had mentioned and caught my interest. I am not far into it, but I will be working on that one in particular this week. I find it good to get a nice balance between fiction, science, and even some spiritual/motivation books because I can pick up a different one depending on the mood I’m in. Reading has always been something I love doing, and I didn’t do much of it senior year because I was so busy. Although I’m still busy, I like finding time to escape in a book instead of wasting it staring at my phone. It is a way to have peace in times that can seem super crammed and stressful. Other than the books, classes are all getting to that emotional part where you don’t want to have to say bye to some of the professors, but you are also ready for a fresh start. I really got to like all my professors this first semester luckily. My UROP that I spoke about earlier is starting to wrap up as well. I will be continuing data analysis during IAP, and we are hopefully publishing a paper in the coming month or so! I will be sure to update you all on that when the day comes! There are only a few more experiments left, and I have managed to not burn down the lab yet, so I am truly hoping I can hold out these last few weeks. I am currently finalizing plans for a new UROP in the spring but no spoilers yet. Also, today was the last Seminar XL, a program through the OME, and my seminar group and I took a final photo commemorating the semester together that was filled with all of us trying to scream out the right answer to bio worksheets that made Thursday nights and Saturday mor nings something to look forward to. Here we are! And with that, I will go grab a book off the bookshelf, Blood Meridian because I am feeling like a thriller, turn on the Keurig, and enjoy the rest of this snowy night. (First snowfall of the year yesterday and my first time seeing snow!) Post Tagged #MIT OME (Office of Minority Education) #Seminar XL

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Quality of Life Down Syndrome - Free Essay Example

Having Down Syndrome is like being born normal. I am just like you and you are just like me. We are all born in different ways, that is the way I can describe it. I have a normal life. -Chris Burke. People with Down Syndrome function in everyday life and can adapt very well in almost every situation. They are the most open-minded people and love everyone they come into contact with. Down Syndrome is a genetic chromosome 21 disorder causing cognitive delays and developmental delays. In 1866, John Langdon Down described Down Syndrome as a disorder but misunderstood how a fetus is born with Down Syndrome. In 1959, it was discovered that Down Syndrome actually had to do with genetics. What is Down Syndrome? Down Syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition and can affect any race. There are three different types of Down Syndrome. The first type of Down Syndrome and the most common is Trisomy 21. This type of Down Syndrome is where an individual has forty-seven chromosomes in each one of their cells, where people without Down Syndrome only have forty-six. Trisomy 21 is caused by a problem in the cell division called nondisjunction. Ninety-five percent of people with Down Syndrome have Trisomy 21. The second type of Down Syndrome is called Translocation Down syndrome. Only about three percent of people with Down Syndrome has this type and occurs when an extra part of chromosome 21 is there, but it is attached to a different chromosome when it is usually attached to the separate chromosome 21. Lastly, the third type of Down Syndrome is called Mosaic Down syndrome only about two percent of people have this type of Down Syndrome. People with this type of Down Syndrome, some of their c ells have three copies of chromosome 21, but other cells have the typical two copies of chromosome 21. People with Mosaic Down Syndrome do not have the same features as a person with Trisomy 21 or Translocation Down Syndrome. Their features are not as noticeable as a person with Trisomy 21 and Translocation. Learning and Development: Children and people with Down Syndrome have developmental delays, but they also have many talents. Professionals try to encourage the parents of the children with Down Syndrome to give their child the opportunity to discover those abilities and talents. According to children with Down syndrome have mild to moderate impairments but it is important to note that they are more like other children than they are different. Children with Down Syndrome, depending on how severe, are not able to be in regular classes but there is always a possibility. The likeliness for a child with Down Syndrome to be in a regular class is not high but it is possible. Through their years of school, they are introduced to different activities, such as sports or clubs. When they are able to graduate from high school, they have the option to participate in something called a post-secondary education. The average IQ of an adult with Down Syndrome is fifty or equal to an eight to nine years old. Lifestyle: People with Down Syndrome, depending on how severe their Down Syndrome, their life is just like any other person. They are able to participate in everyday activities such as a job or school. The community they live in have so many opportunities for them to participate in once they have graduated, such as a college program or a program for adults with disabilities. A few daily activities people with Down Syndrome participate in are sports, clubs, painting, watching TV, playing board games, going to their job, and going to school. In most situations, people with Down Syndrome understand the means of personal hygiene. Most of them know how to do laundry and how to wash dishes, this all depends on the family. They know how to use a TV remote and a radio, most of them love radio. The radio helps them show off their dance moves and lets them express themselves. Friendships and Relationships: If you have ever met a person with Down Syndrome, you may have realized that they were friendly. Just like any other child or person, people with Down Syndrome have to have the opportunities to practice their social skills and learn how to communicate. Parents are encouraged to introduce their child to different people like relatives, family friends, and friends at school. The reason for this is for them to be able to grow and develop just like any other child. There are opportunities for these children and adults with Down Syndrome all throughout the community. A few examples mentioned before are school, work, camps, and clubs; these give the child with Down Syndrome the opportunity to communicate with people their age and gender. Children with Down Syndrome are extremely good at watching and learning. Most of these children, are visual learners and doing hand on activities. Parents are also encouraged to explain to their child that friendships and relationships can take long time s o that their child does not get discouraged. Children with Down Syndrome are taught different social skills to help them develop.

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The Effects Of Minimum Wages On Employment, By Benjamin...

Across the United States, many low skilled workers struggle to remain above the poverty line due to their small hourly wages. Some groups advocate for increased wages, but others oppose that idea because of the possibility of widespread job losses. Even though researchers have heavily analyzed the effects of a living wage in the past few years, experts claim that different kinds of studies are biased to support one viewpoint over the other. The articles â€Å"Living Wage Ordinances and Wages, Poverty, and Unemployment in US Cities,† by Benjamin Sosnaud, and â€Å"The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment,† by David Neumark, analyze different studies about the effects of increasing the minimum wage to a living wage on a national scale. Neumark focuses his analysis mainly on different reasons why certain researchers are more biased than others. Sosnaud, on the other hand, takes studies from various cities with and without living wages from across the United States so he can compare them and draw his own conclusions about the true effects of raised wages. Even though Neumark’s points out how certain studies can be biased and invalid, Sosnaud’s evaluation of the issue based on a wide variety of research makes it very credible and gives readers a much clearer picture of nation-wide side effects. David Neumark’s article heavily criticizes different studies about minimum wage effects. He starts off the article with a quick summary of common theories. Those against wage increases believe